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Classic Holiday Red Lips & Gold Eyes Combo - Festive Makeup December Day 1

Good Morning Cupcakes! So I've been away for a few days but there was a reason behind it! I have been planning a whole slew of Holiday Looks that I will be doing, and posting about throughout the month of December! I figured since there are so many opportunities to look both Fabulous and Holly Jolly, that I should give you guys a variety of winter and Holiday themed looks for some inspiration of your own. Feel free to recreate any of the looks I feature over the course of this month - this is all about inspiration and a look for everyone (from this classic glam to whimsical pretty fairy inspired looks). So if you feel like you need a little inspiration for Holiday looks yourself, stay with me throughout this lovely month and we will find something for you! If there are any requests for particular looks for me to create, please leave those suggestions in the comments below. I have a pretty full inspiration book but if there is something specifically being asked for I will try to make that a reality. Without further ado, let's talk about this classic Holiday makeup combo.

When I think of a classic Holiday look the first thing that comes to mind for me is a nice shimmery Gold Eye and some Popping Red Lips. Therefore I figured this classic look was a nice kicking off point for our Holiday Makeup look festivities. Although you may think Red Lips are a bit too bold for you as long as you get a Lip shade that flatters the undertones of your skin it will look amazing and classically sexy. These Lips are much more blue toned than I normally do, but this color just seemed so perfect for this look. Remember there are no hard and fast rules for makeup, you can do and wear what makes you feel good and what you like the tips I give are just here to optimize your over all look. Pick whatever shade of Red makes you feel like the baddest Bitch in town. Let's go over the steps I went through to achieve this look!

I began with priming my clean skin with Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Filler. I focused this product around my under eye / nose / side of nose area where my pores are most visible.
Once my Primer was in place I used a damp Beauty Blender to stipple Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Classic Ivory to the whole face (and going down the neck). Take your time with this step and make sure around your eyes, nose, hairline and jaw line are all blended in nicely and nothing looks harsh or fake on the skin. 
I then went in with my Nyx HD liquid concealer in shade Fair. I applied concealer to anywhere I was experiencing breakouts or redness, as well as adding some small triangles under the eyes to blend out creating a bit of a soft under eye highlight. Taking my time again to blend the concealer out into the foundation with the damp Beauty Blender. 
Lastly for the base I went in with Nyx #Nofilter Baked Finishing Powder in Alabaster. I used a large dense Fluffy Brush to tamp the powder into the face to set my Foundation and Concealer. Now we can move on to the fun bits.

As always for my brows I went in with my 2 favorite Nyx Brow products ( Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Brunette, and Nyx Tame and Frame Brow Pomade in Espresso). I lightly line the outside shape of the brow and fill with hair like strokes with the Pencil and then fill in and stick into place gently with a bit of the pomade on a skinny flat angled liner brush. If you hadn't realized by now I'm more a fan of the natural feathered looking brow, than I am of the stark linear Instagram brow trend. Instagram brows can look stunning on some, but where my brows are so dark, and my skin so pale it just doesn't work in a flattering manner for me and that's ok! Do what brows feel best for you, as our facial structures are all different this will of course vary greatly.

Tarte Blush In Fiesty
Kylighter in Cotton Candy Cream


For My cheeks I used 3 products (blush, contour, highlight). I began by lightly contouring the cheekbone area with TooFaced Bronzer. This Bronzer was in the Ginger Bread Cookie Palette that I am using for the eyes as well. This palette was part of last years Holiday Collection from TooFaced -it smells like Gingerbread and also has a nice Bronzer in shade Gingerbread which is a nice medium toned matte brown. I then went in with Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Fiesty to add a little warmth to the cheeks. This is a more brownish pink toned blush as I wanted to focus on warming the face and not adding more pink where the lips are going to be such a vibrant red. I then finished off with just a little bit of highlight on the cheekbones and high points of the face. For Highlighter in this look I used a Kylighter from Kylie Cosmetics in shade Cotton Candy Cream. Make sure to take a nice clean fluffy blending brush and blend out the colors as you go. The more time we take for blending the softer and more diffused / pretty the colors will all be on your skin.

Moving on to my favorite part (the most fun in my opinion) the Eye shadow and Lips!
Firstly of course I began by priming the lids with Urban Decay Cosmetics Eye Primer in Eden. This Primer cancels out any redness or veining you may have in your lids creating a nice uniform base for true shadow color to come through in your whole look. First I went in with Ginger Cream all over the lid and brow bone creating a nice smooth base for my other colors. Next with a fluffy blending brush I swept Maple syrup into the crease, lower half lash line and outer corner. Really we are contouring the eye with this step for that nice full doe eye look. Next I picked up just a little bit of Cup Of Joe on a small pencil brush and blended it out and into the Maple Syrup color on the lower lash line and outer corner, once that is all blended I repeat this step again with a very light hand using shade Black Coffee. Finally I went in with a flat shadow brush to apply Gingersnap all over the lid. I finished the eye look with Gold Glitter liner Midnight Cowboy from Urban Decay, and L'oreal Lash Paradise Mascara in Blackest Black.
 For my very final step I applied LipSense Lip Color in Blue-Red. If you guys are looking for a Lip Color to last through everything you should invest in a tube of LipSense. Once you get this stuff on (three thin coats of color drying in between and a layer of the gloss) it isn't going anywhere. Through drinking, greasy food, kisses it's all good although it does have a bit of a bad after taste so I only use it for super bold colors like this red that I don't want to smudge all over my face throughout the course of the Day/Evening. 

There you go Cupcakes :) A nice classic beginning to our Holiday Makeup Celebrations. Stay tuned for the next Holiday Makeup look! If you enjoy my posts please make sure to leave a like or comment and Follow me to stay in the loop. Until Next time Cupcakes, Have a Super Sweet Day, and thanks for Popping by!


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