Thursday, 4 January 2018

First Impression / Review L'oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara ( Better than Sex Dupe?!?)

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Back at you with another first impression / review for you lovely Cupcakes!

So you might not know me like this yet, but I'm a sucker for a good Mascara. I love to try new Mascaras, sometimes this leads to new favorites and sometimes this leads to discovering complete Mascara duds, but alas today we are here to talk about the New Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara from L'oreal. This Mascara is widely known on the internet as the dupe for, and in the opinion of some the improved version of Toofaced Cosmetics Better Than Sex Mascara. I am a LONG time fan of the Better Than Sex Mascara so when I heard that this was supposed to be a dupe or better at half the price, I made it my business to give it a go as soon as possible.

I purchased this little beauty for $13.99 CAD at the Walmart in the next town since my small Ass town didn't have it stocked in the Grocery stores Cosmetics department and I could not be bothered to wait to receive it through the mail so to Walmart I went. The mascara that this is supposed to be a dupe of retails for $30.00 CAD at Sephora for price differential reference.

I have been using this mascara since a few weeks before Christmas now and I think that I have been using it on the daily long enough to officially say that I also believe it to be a dupe or even a better than version of the Toofaced Better than Sex Mascara. The thing that makes this mascara so awesome is the shape of it's brush. The brush is in a subtle hourglass shape tapering in at the middle and out on both ends. This brush shape grabs your lashes as they are naturally shaped and fans them out as you move down the lash. At first when I took the wand out of the mascara  there was a bit much product on the applicator but a few quick swipes against the tube head (which is perfectly ok Wayne Goss even says so) fixed that problem. You want to clear off that extra product so that your eyelashes get coated with product but not soaked in product. If there is too much on the wand your lashes will clump all up and not be nice and fanned out. No body wants spider lashes, not even Witches. Once the Mascara wasn't brand new anymore and there was a little more room in the tube this extra product problem wasn't really a problem anymore.

I just love how long, beautiful, and fanned out my lashes look when I use this Mascara. I even caught my mom staring at me and when I asked her what she was like...are those fake lashes? They were not haha it was just 2 coats of this Mascara! I also didn't experience any flaking onto my under eye throughout the day which is a definite plus because who wants little black makeup dots on their face? No one that's who. This mascara is also formulated to be Waterproof so hey that's perfect for the Canadian Winter! It's not a pain in the ass to get off though. I remove it with Vaselline or another oil cleanser relatively easily each night with relative ease.

What can I say you guys I think this ones a definite winner. I suggest the next time you pick up a Mascara at the drug store you give this baby a go I definitely think it's worth it and is super budget friendly with a gorgeous result. I might add that 2 separate people asked if my lashes were real or fake while wearing this Mascara on my natural lashes.

Thanks for stopping by again today Cupcakes! I hope you enjoyed this review and that it helps you when purchasing your next Mascara! If you like what I do please don't forget to like and share. Comment and let me know your favorite mascara or what you think of this mascara if you have tried it! Don't forget to check out my Facebook page and follow me there to :) I'll catch you next time Cupcakes!

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