Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Subtle Green and Red Christmas Holiday Makeup Look with Neutral Lips

 Hey Cupcakes!! Good afternoon! This post is a little later in the day than normal going up but I hope you won't mind as I had some obligations this morning.

I have another Holiday look for you today guys! I wanted to do something that both used the traditional Holiday color palette (greens, reds, golds) but that was really wearable and flattering. Not to sound like an a**hole but I personally think I succeeded! I love this look and know I will be recreating it again in the future. Ah I just love without further ado let's pop right into how I got this warm pretty Holiday look!

So like always pictured above are all the products I used to get the Holiday look you saw in the first picture of this post. As you can see it's not an over amount of products as this look is super simple to create you guys! I highly recommend that you try creating a look similar to this for a Holiday event of your own!

As we know the first step toward a great makeup application is???? That's right, making sure our skin is clean, exfoliated, and moisturized before we even think of applying makeup to it! If you guys are interested in the future I can go over my favorite Skincare products so you can get an idea of what key products might be good to have in your arsenal.

Next I primed with Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, and with a damp beauty blender I applied Maybelline FIT me! Matte and Poreless Foundation in shade Ivory. Remember to take a few extra moments blending out your foundation to make sure it's nice and uniform and that it is blended well into your hair and neck lines so you don't get that foundation mask we all hate! I then used Nyx HD Concealer in Fair for my under eye, forehead and nose highlighting and anywhere that I have any redness or imperfections. Once applied I use the smaller end of my damp beauty blender to blend well into the foundation already on the skin. I then finished off the base face makeup with Nyx #Nofilter finishing power in Alabaster.
For my cheeks I used TooFaced Cosmetics 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty (part of my Sephora VIB Rouge Birthday Gift :) ) and for my Highlighter I used Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter in Cotton Candy Cream. Once I applied my blush and highlighter and blended well to diffuse into the skin I set with L'oreal Infallible Makeup Extending Setting Spray.

For my brows, I'm lucky to have been patient enough over the last year or two of growing them out that they no longer need to be filled very much. If you want to know anything about my eye brow journey let me know. I didn't do anything terribly different to grow them out but I do have a few simple tips I followed that you could try if your eye brows are a concern for you. For my brows in this look I took my Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Brunette and lightly filled in some hair like strokes wherever I have sparse patches or gaps in the brow. Remember to also use the spoolie end of your brow pencil, no matter how light of strokes you've used it will always look more natural if you take a little time to spoolie the color through and feather it a bit.

After I primed my lids with the Urban Decay Eye Primer in Sin I began my eye look with The Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette. I first took a fluffy blending brush and dipped into the lightest shade of the palette which is called Naked. I swept this color all in the crease and over my lid. This is a color very close to my own natural skin tone and will help with blending the rest of the look together and setting down a good base for the other colors. I then dipped into the red shade in the middle of the palette called Burgundy and blended it into my entire crease and into my outer V.

 After I blended this shade out nicely into Naked I switched gears to the Kat Von D Beauty Serpentina Palette for the shade Bloodmilk which is also a matte red but with a bit of a deeper tone than burgundy. I took a little bit of this shade and blended it into my outer crease marrying it into Burgundy to add a little more depth to the outer eye. Next in this palette I took a small smudger brush and picked up a little of the shade Scarab (emerald green) and ran it along the outer half of my lower lash line smoking it out a little as I went.
For my lids I used my favorite shade from this palette which is actually the loose pigment called Prophet. I just LOVE this color. It's an antique mustard toned gold it's just the most beautiful color I can't get enough of it. Anyway I patted this color over my lid with a flat packer brush and blended it nicely into the red shades in my crease.

Just one more step for the shadow guys. I wanted to add something vibrant to the lower lash line and I wanted it to be a green so my favorite bright green at the moment is Exu from the Urban Decay Cosmetics Jean Michel Basquiat Palette. I picked up some of this color on a small brush and ran it all the way across the lower lash line blending it with scarab which was already there. That shade finished the eye look in regards to shadow, now all we have to do is line!
For this look I used two different liners. Primarily I used Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo liner in Trooper to create the black wing. I then used Urban Decay Cosmetics Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy to line the top of the black wing for a pop of Holiday Sparkle.

Lastly but definitely not least I applied Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade Gemini to my lips. I don't care what anyone says, you can fight me if you want but I swear by Jeffree's liquid lips. I'm a snacky girl and they are the only ones that stay on through the course of the day. I love many brands of liquid lips but I always find myself reaching for his lippies over any other companies just because I know they are comfortable on the lips, and I know they are going to stay where I put them. I just thought the shade Gemini was the perfect accent to the eye look. What do you guys think? Do you like this look? Would you wear this look for the Holidays? I would love if you left me a comment and let me know what you think!

Well that's it for this look today guys! I hope you have been enjoying these Holiday looks as much as I have been enjoying creating them! I really hope that this blog gives you some inspiration and teaches you a few things that you might have been curious about. That's what this is all about! Sharing my love of makeup, and my skills with you and trying to inspire you and make you smile! I really appreciate all of you who check out these posts, it means the world to me truly you have no idea! Thanks for stopping in again today Cupcakes. I'll catch you next time and I hope your December is Super Sweet :) <3

Xx Jenn

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